John Fudge.

                                     Team Lead


                                 John is the founder and leads                                    the team. His passion is to see                                    people come fully alive as they enable the next generation to flourish.

                         Mark Instone.

                                     Global Volunteers Lead


                                 Mark is responsible for the                                          recruitment, support and                                              ongoing development of our volunteer trainer team. Mark thrives on seeing the team have real impact in the development of children and youth ministry in many countries that might not ordinarily be invested into.

                         Phil Hulks.

                                      Missional Lead


                                 With many years' experience                                     of developing life changing                                           mission trips for young people, both in the UK and overseas, Phil is helping Amor Europe to develop new mission experiences that serve our partners overseas and transform the lives of those taking part.

                        Dawn Kellers.

                                     Finance Lead


                                 Dawn is the Finance Lead and                                    looks after the administration                                    of House Building Justice                                            Trips.

                         Ray King.

                                      Global Partnerships Lead


                                 Ray is responsible for creating                                  and developing our                                                          partnerships globally. He has over 25 years experience of working with young people and a passion for training others. He has a heart for the poor and a desire to see the church equipped to work effectively with the next generation.

                        Paul Stockley.

                                     Resources Lead


                                Paul's primary role is to oversee

                                the development of Amor                                               Europe's training materials. He has a passion for developing theologically informed resources for practitioners on the frontline. In addition to his work with us he serves a number of other charities working with children, in challenging circumstances. 

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