June 1st - 30th 2020

Walk the World

Transforming the next generation one step at a time

This year's annual Walk the World event takes place in extremely challenging circumstances for us in the UK but equally so for those around the world that we are privileged to have been called to serve. For the vast majority of our partners they are facing these challenges without the same amazing resources and support that we have in the UK.

In these times of unprecedented restrictions and social distancing measures we we would love it if you used the one form of exercise a day that we are all being encouraged to take by the government to make a real and, perhaps, eternal difference in the lives of the next generation around the world, seeking to bring transformation one step at a time. 

This year we are intending to divide what we raise 50/50 using 50% towards the core costs of Amor Europe and 50% given directly to our partners around the world who are in specific difficulties as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Every penny you raise will make a real difference

Why not plan a virtual ramble with a group of friends, add your combined steps/distance and get all taking part to donate

Perhaps you could follow  James Page's example and run a marathon in your garden

Or maybe just get the old treadmill out of the garage and do your steps in your lounge

Be creative - Stay safe


You walked an incredible 12,238,864 steps

You raised an amazing £10,369.40

Benji Ridout (pictured) walked over 1,000,000 steps on his own

A couple of pictures from our walkers

Let's see how far we can get together

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