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June 1st - 30th 2022

Walk the World

Transforming the next generation one step at a time

Total steps: 9,034,741

After 30 Days

We've finished
Still a few steps to come 

Raised this year!

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It's so easy to make a BIG difference!

This year there are two ways to get involved, either sign up to walk every day in June or register to take part in the BIG WALK on June 19th

You can even do both!


Walk the World
01 - 30 June, 2022

Set yourself the challenge of walking everyday, it's your challenge so you can walk as far as you feel able. 50% of all money raised will be used to feed desperately hungry families in Afghanistan. The other 50% will go towards the ongoing work of Amor Europe.


  • Sign up

  • Walk as many steps as possible each day in June

  • Add your daily total to our grand total

  • Tell people what you are doing and give them the opportunity to donate through your giving page* 

* Page set up for you when you register

Sign up

Follow the link to our sign up form

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Walk the World's BIG Walk
Saturday 18 June, 2022

Set yourself an individual walking challenge or do it as a group. It's your challenge so be as creative as you like and push yourselves as far as you can go. 50% of all money raised will be used to support the training of four girls from northern Burkina Faso made refugees by violent extremists, with any excess being used for pandemic aid for our partners continuing to support communities in need. The other 50% will go towards the ongoing work of Amor Europe.

The prices of our 2021 PURE Justice trip are estimated, based on this year's flight costs prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. The final prices will be confirmed once we know the actual cost of the flights


  • Set yourself a one-day walking challenge and add your total steps to our grand total

  • Do it alone or, better still, invite your family, friends, colleagues, small group, church... to get involved with you

  • Register your walking challenge and let us know what you are doing


Follow the link to register your challenge

Have Fun

Change Lives

Keep Fit

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Last Year you raised £8,483.55

With the money our walkers raised we were able to support our partner in Burkina Faso to provide education for four female refugees.


We were also able to provide pandemic support for our partner in India and buckets for water filters in The Gambia.

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