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Celebration and


We would love you to join us for our annual gathering at Lydiard House, near Swindon.

Cost Options:

£145.00     Full weekend (shared room)

£180.00     Full weekend (single room)

£45.00     Saturday only including gala dinner

£25.00     Saturday only not including gala dinner


Celebration and Conversation
Sat 9 - Sun 10 September 2023

A weekend for everyone involved in Amor Europe. This is a family gathering around Jesus, honouring Him, worshiping Him and delighting in serving Him.


Sat 9 - Sun 10 September 2023

Lydiard House, Lydiard Tregoze,

Swindon, SN5 3PA

Meet the teams, enjoy one another's company, hear first-hand what is happening and glorify God.

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Lydiard House Home page



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Arrive 10am Sat - Depart 2pm Sun


The prices of our 2021 PURE Justice trip are estimated, based on this year's flight costs prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. The final prices will be confirmed once we know the actual cost of the flights

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